10 ways 2014 changed WWE forever

Every year comes with jaw-dropping moments, but 2014's biggest highlights have longterm repercussions for sports-entertainment.

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2014's most unexpected breakout stars

We all knew Roman Reigns was going to be a big deal in 2014, but a six-foot-tall Easter Bunny? An insane spaceman? These are the stars of 2014 we didn't see coming, presented by Foot Locker.

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From a war among factions to a Survivor Series miracle comeback, counts down the top 25 matches of 2014.

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10 Superstars who would have been perfect for The Attitude Era

The Attitude Era has come and gone, but these 10 Superstars would have been right at home alongside "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in WWE's most provocative period.

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Mattel’s 2014 action figure firsts

A variety of Superstars, a “Total Diva” and even a tiny bull were immortalized by Mattel for the very first time in the past year. Check out’s list of action figure debuts in 2014, including Superstar reactions to meeting their miniature plastic doppelgangers.

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The 10 best TLC Matches in WWE history

Originally designed for tag team competition, the TLC Match has evolved with World Titles at stake and variations to include Triple Threat and Fatal 4-Way contests. WWE Classics ranks the 10 best TLC Matches since its inception at SummerSlam 2000.

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11 longest current tenures in WWE

Rattle off the ring’s biggest names in WWE and you’ll quickly find a common thread of stability and longevity among them. Check out the 11 Superstars and Divas who, as of Dec. 10, 2014, currently own the longest consecutive tenures in WWE.

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8 WWE video games we wish were real

From 8-bit arcades to next-gen action, we can't get enough games at So we imagined eight video games, starring your favorite larger-than-life Superstars, that we want to play right now.

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Welcome to WWE High!

What if your favorite Superstars and Divas were high school students? Join as we wander the halls of WWE High, where today’s titans of the squared circle have been transformed into teenagers! Meet the students, then download your own WWE High class photo!

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Five Sting dream matches we'd love to see

With his WWE debut at Survivor Series 2014, which Superstar does Sting face? These are five Sting dream matches we'd love to see.

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