John Morrison wants you to go ‘Out of Your Mind’ with new fitness program

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May 08, 2013

WWE.COM: Do you still find time to catch Raw and other WWE programs? Where would you see yourself if you were competing in WWE today? Any targets?

MORRISON: I watch Raw whenever I can. I am super excited that Dolph Ziggler cashed in Money in the Bank. He earned it. And if I was around, I’d take it away from him.

CM Punk’s taken himself to the next level over the last two years. He’s broken through in a way that very few have. He’s great in the ring, on the mic. I always loved wrestling Punk. If we had a match now, it would be exponentially better than in ECW in 2007.

WWE.COM: Any thoughts on your former tag team partner?

MORRISON: The Miz went and became a good guy, which defies logic to me. Although I’d love to kick his a** for that last night I was on Raw, now I guess that means we’d be on the same side. I can’t believe he’s doing the Figure-Four. I mean, it’s a great hold. Ric Flair made it what it is. If you’re going to steal from somebody, why not steal from the best? It’s not a bad decision.

Watch John Morrison get brutalized by Miz on his final night in WWE

John Morrison's last night in WWEWWE.COM: Who’s most impressed you on the current roster since you’ve been gone?

MORRISON: Ryback is impressive and what he’s done is impressive. He’d be a great person to wrestle, but I think it would be easy to outsmart him.

There’s also The Shield. I met all those guys in the past and saw the world in all of them. I do think they are a little overconfident.They think they’re a little better than they are. Unless they've got some skills in their cargo pockets they haven't used yet, I'd make short work of them. Believe in The Shaman.

I was at OVW with [Damien Sandow] when I first started 10 years ago. It took him nine years to grow a beard and find that robe. [laughs] He's really come into his own, great to see. But you'd think in nine years he could have learned how to do a cartwheel. I’d like to show him how to correctly do one.

WWE.COM: For a multi-talented athlete who shifts from screenwriting to stunt free-falling and now fully developed an “Out of Your Mind” exercise revolution, is a WWE return out of the question?

MORRISON: By the time you hear the thunder, it will be too late because the lightning would have already struck.

While the WWE Universe awaits some kind of thunderstorm(?) harkening a possible future return, visit John Morrison's official Alumni profile page for JoMo's bio, videos and more.

Follow John Morrison's exploits on Twitter at @TheRealMorrison and get full details on “Out of Your Mind Fitness” now!

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