Is WWE Ready for a Six-Man Tag Team Championship?

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March 15, 2014

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Six-Man Tag Team Matches have been the premier form of combat in WWE since The Shield stormed on the scene at Survivor Series 2012. Since that night, Superstars have been teaming up in trios to try and take out The Hounds of Justice, and it’s led to some of the most thrilling bouts in WWE history. But what is it about these melees that gets the WWE Universe so pumped up?

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“There’s so many elements involved,” Seth Rollins explained to “There are six guys, all with different styles. The way those two teams interact with each other creates a lot of combustible elements that gets the energy higher.”

With the arrival of The Wyatt Family last summer, the action in the ring only got hotter. Everyone from John Cena to El Torito paired up in threes to try and knock off the two hottest trios in WWE. After battling anyone who stood in their paths, The Shield and The Wyatts clashed in absolute wars that have left the WWE Universe begging for more.

“It’s a different dynamic,” Goldust said. “Six-Man Tag Matches are good to have on the show, because they’re very exciting.”

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The renaissance of Six-Man Tag Team Matches over the past year has us here at wondering if, perhaps, the stakes should be raised for three-on-three competition. No time in WWE history has ever been better than now to introduce Six-Man Tag Team Championships.

While the ideas of titles for a three-man team might seem novel, it’s nothing new in the world of wrestling. There’s not a better argument for having Six-Man Tag Team Titles than World Class Championship Wrestling. The Texas-based promotion had trios titles of its own, and they often eclipsed the singles championships.

That’s because the WCCW Six-Man Tag Team Championships were often the lynchpin of the red-hot rivalry between The Fabulous Freebirds and The Von Erichs. Some combination of Fritz, Kerry, Kevin, David & Mike Von Erich teamed up to battle the rowdy trio of Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts in wars that had Texans cramming into the sweltering hot Sportatorium every week.

The first family of Texas wrestling and the hard-living Freebirds traded the titles back and forth for the better part of five years before the tension cooled down between the two factions.  

Just south of the border from The Lone Star State, in Mexico, where lucha libre reigns supreme, Six-Man Tag Team Matches are a way of life. One-on-one matches are a rarity in Mexico, saved for the most intense rivalries. The main form of competition is the Six-Man Tag Team Match, commonly called the Trios Match.

The lucha libre style equals matches jam packed with speedy grapplers racing around the ring and daredevil luchadores gracefully soaring through the air before crash landing into their foes. A unique rule even allows for a fresh man to enter the ring as soon as one of his partners leaves the ring and touches the arena floor, ensuring the action stays fast-paced at all times. 

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