Terry Funk

Terry Funk

Hailing from the Double Cross Ranch in Amarillo, Terry Funk says he's "middle-aged and crazy," and he's certainly lived up to that billing. The son of Texas legend Dory Funk Sr., Terry began his career in Amarillo in 1965. Over the next decade, Funk would win several NWA regional titles, culminating in him winning the United States Championship in 1975.

Terry would go on to win the NWA Championship in 1977, holding the gold for nearly two years. After losing the championship, Terry and brother Dory Jr. spent the next few years traveling the United States, Japan and Puerto Rico before landing in WWE in 1986. Terry then headed back to the NWA in 1989, where he began a heated rivalry with Ric Flair over the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

In 1993, Terry joined ECW, where he would become a Hardcore Legend in his own right. After winning the ECW Championship on two occasions, Terry briefly returned to WWE in 1997, teaming with Cactus Jack to win the World Tag Team Championship. In 2000, Funk headed to WCW, where he became WCW Commissioner and once again wore the United States Championship.

After four decades in the business, Funk still climbs into the ring once in a while, carrying his trademark branding iron to show the next generation how it's done.

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