Five backstage heroes we’re thankful for

Jen Hagopian — Dega Catering

You think planning Thanksgiving dinner for your extended family is stressful? Try preparing a meal for 100 hungry Superstars, Divas and crew members! It might be daunting to simultaneously provide vegan options for Daniel Bryan, refined delicacies for Damien Sandow and desserts for R-Truth (hey, Little Jimmy has a sweet tooth), but Dega Catering’s Jen Hagopian rises to the challenge each and every week.

“I could probably compare my job to being a three- or 10-ring circus leader,” said Hagopian, who has been on the road with WWE for six years. “We usually come to the arena between six and eight in the morning and leave right before the show ends. When the food arrives and the truck unloads, I direct the traffic to the kitchen and the dining room. We recreate the catering area from scratch every week. From there, we’re just constantly moving, and there are no breaks. We have to make sure everyone is satisfied and there is always food available. I actually eat my meals while I’m walking.”

As exhausting as it is attempting to sate Ryback’s appetite — an insurmountable task by our estimation — Hagopian and her team still find time for fun, especially when the odd food fight breaks out in the dining room. She won’t divulge the prime instigator in these stuffing-slinging shenanigans, but one backstage source hinted it’s a current titleholder who may or may not have a beard.