Five backstage heroes we’re thankful for

WWE cameramen

What’s more difficult than capturing the action in the ring? Trying to avoid Big Show’s massive fists or Sheamus’ wild kicks when intense battles spill out to ringside. Nevertheless, WWE’s cameramen are on the front lines each and every week, bringing high-stakes championship bouts and emotionally charged grudge matches to living rooms around the world.

“Anybody who steps into that environment as a camera person really needs to know the lay of the land,” camera operator and director Marty Miller told Miller has worked with WWE for nearly 18 years and vividly remembers his first night on the job at King of the Ring 1995 in Philadelphia.

“What makes WWE different from other types of sports or entertainment is that, at any point, a cameraman can become part of the show,” Miller said. “You have to know where to be, you know where to stand and you try to stay out of the Superstars’ way while effectively covering what they’re doing. It gets chaotic, but that’s part of the thrill of the job.”