Exclusive: Chris Jericho talks title unification, Randy Orton and returning to the ring

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December 23, 2013

WWE.COM: How do you deal with the pressure of having that target on your back?

JERICHO: That’s what being a WWE Superstar is. It’s all about pressure. The advantage I had is that I was in the business 11 years before I won the title. When I finally won, I wasn’t letting it go for anybody.

Some people get the title and grow from it, and some collapse under the pressure. In my case, it wasn’t my best title run, not even close. But it was the first time. Once you get the first under your belt, you realize if you have what it takes to win it again. I think anybody can win the championship once, but can you win it twice? Can you win it three times?

WWE.COM: How do you think Randy Orton will handle being WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

JERICHO: I think he’s going to handle it the way he should handle it, which is knowing that it wasn’t easy to get it. Anybody who’s going to take it away from him is going to do it at the expense of their own safety. There’s not a lot of guys in the company that have more experience than him or more championship runs. It’s going to be very hard to beat him. I expect him to react like he’s never reacted before. He’s going to be a whole new guy. If he doesn’t, he’s going to lose it quickly.

WWE.COM:You see the WWE World Heavyweight Championship making things more cutthroat in WWE.

JERICHO: When there’s only one World Champion in the company, it makes things even direr. Every match is more important. It’s not like before when you could be like, “Oh, if I lose this one, I’ll jump over and try for that one.” There’s only one chance now, one grand prize. That’s the way it should be.

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