Exclusive: Chris Jericho talks title unification, Randy Orton and returning to the ring

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December 23, 2013

WWE.COM: Was one championship perceived to be more important than the other?

JERICHO: It always seemed like Raw’s championship had a little more steam than the SmackDown championship. So, why even have two? I was always confused by the names, too. Is it the World Championship? Is it the WWE World Championship? They’re almost the same. So when they put them together, I thought it was a smart move. Then, a couple years later, they switched back to having two championships, which I’ve never been a fan of. I think in WWE, the reason why you’re there is to become WWE Champion. It’s like having two Stanley Cup winners or two Super Bowl winners or two Best Band winners at the Grammys. You can’t do that, it’s like kissing your sister. When I heard they were going to unify the titles again, I thought it was the best idea for the company, because we know who the champion is.

WWE.COM: What’s it like in the locker room when there’s only one champion?

JERICHO: When you’re the only champion, everybody’s your best friend until you turn your back. They’re all trying to stab you. When you’re on top of the mountain, everybody’s trying to push you off. I know that. I became Undisputed Champion and from the moment I won until the moment I lost it four months later, I was public enemy No. 1 in the ring and behind the scenes. Competition-wise and politically, everyone wanted to unseat me. I didn’t care. It was my time and I was going to do everything I could to hold onto that title for as long as I could. 

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