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Everything you need to know about The Streak

Twenty-one Superstars have tried, and all have failed to topple The Undertaker at WrestleMania. From Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka to "Mr. WrestleMania" Shawn Michaels to "The Cerebral Assassin" Triple H, The Phenom boasts the greatest record in The Show of Shows' 30-year history. WWE Magazine explores how he towers over the competition on The Grandest Stage of Them All — beyond 21-0. 

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Most Appearances

The Undertaker owns the record for most appearances at a WrestleMania with 21, and it's a sizable gap between him and the rest of the field. The rest of the top 10 for most matches on The Grandest Stage are Shawn Michaels (17), Triple H (17), Kane (15), Bret Hart (15), Big Show (14), Hulk Hogan (13), Chris Jericho (12), Randy Savage (11) and John Cena (11). 

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The Deadman Difference

The Undertaker defeated 18 unique competitors at WrestleMania. The combined record of these Superstars at The Show of Shows is 56-75-1, earning a win percentage of 42 percent. But if you remove The Deadman’s 21 victories from these Superstars' W/L columns, the record would be 56-54-1. 

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Pay-Per-View Phenom

The Million Dollar Man introduced The Undertaker at Survivor Series 1990, where he eliminated Koko B. Ware and Dusty Rhodes, the first strong pay-per-view performance in his illustrious career. The Phenom boasts 91 total pay-per-view victories, including his legendary 21 at WrestleMania. 

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Win Percentage at WrestleMania

A total of 83 Superstars, including The Undertaker, have a winning record at WrestleMania. Only 34 of these competitors have contested more than two matches. Eight of the 34 have yet to lose, with Rob Van Dam and The Miz (4-0) having the most wins—followed by Sable, Hawk and Animal, and Demolition Ax with 3-0 records, and Rick Rude at 2-0-1. 

Only 16 of these 34 have contested in more than five bouts. Of that 16, Big Boss Man (5-1) has the best record — after The Phenom — with .833. The rest of the top six includes Earthquake and The Ultimate Warrior (both 4-1) with .800 each, Stone Cold Steve Austin (5-2) with .714, and John Cena (7-3) with .700.

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New Champion Dynasties

The Undertaker and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin are the only Superstars to win the same World Title at consecutive WrestleManias. The Deadman won the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleManias 23 and XXIV, and The Texas Rattlesnake won the WWE Title at WrestleManias XIV and XV. 

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Multi-Time Champions

The Undertaker is one of seven Superstars to win multiple World Championship Matches at WrestleMania — compared to 15 who’ve only won one. With his three wins, he's joined by John Cena (6), Hulk Hogan (5), Triple H (4), "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (3), Randy Savage (2) and Yokozuna (2).

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Handicap Matches at WrestleMania

Only four Handicap Matches have taken place at WrestleMania. Demolition defeated Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji at WrestleMania V in the first. The Undertaker toppled the gigantic duo of A-Train & Big Show at WrestleMania XIX. Evolution prevailed over The Rock 'N' Sock Connection at WrestleMania XX. Chris Jericho bested "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper & Ricky Steamboat at The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania in the most recent. 

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Most Losses

Triple H may have eight wins, but he also owns nine losses, the most in WrestleMania history. Three of those nine losses came from The Undertaker (WrestleManias X-Seven, XXVII, and XXVIII). Slightly ahead of Triple H in the loss column are JBL (2-8), Kane (8-7) and Tito Santana (1-7), The Mountie (1-6), and Faarooq (1-5).

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Longest Test

The longest match The Undertaker contested at WrestleMania came against Shawn Michaels at The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania in 30:41. His shortest, and first, victory at The Show of Shows clocked in at only 4:20 against Jimmy Snuka.

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Surviving Hell

Chilling steel has appeared at WrestleMania three times — in the form of the Steel Cage Match and Hell In A Cell. The Undertaker appeared in two of these bouts, facing Big Boss Man at WrestleMania XV and Triple H at WrestleMania XXVIII. Hulk Hogan won the other, a Steel Cage bout against King Kong Bundy at WrestleMania 2.

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Respect the Law and Order

Despite that Hell in a Cell loss, Big Boss Man boasts a 5-1 record at WrestleMania, the highest winning percentage (0.833) of any one of Undertaker’s opponents. The victim with the most wins is Triple H, who boasts eight Show of Shows victories. Kane follows with seven, and Shawn Michaels and Edge have six each. 

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The Reverse Streak

if The Undertaker reigns supreme at WrestleMania, Who is The Show of Shows' least clutch competitor? Jeff Hardy and Goldust both are an abysmal 0-5 at WrestleMania. Mr. McMahon, The Dudley Boys and Finlay are all 0-4. But those still fall short of Tito Santana's streak. After defeating The Executioner at the first WrestleMania, Tito Santana lost his next seven matches, making his the longest losing streak on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

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