Last day to enter the 'WWE 50' Sweepstakes to win a copy of 'WWE 50' signed by Mr. McMahon!

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March 24, 2014

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You could win a copy of “WWE 50” signed by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon by entering the “WWE 50” Signed Book Sweepstakes at WWEShop!

From the creators of the official WWE Encyclopedia, “WWE 50” gives you the behind-the-scenes knowledge you need to become the ultimate WWE fan. Learn the real stories behind key events in WWE history. Discover the truth behind the most controversial personalities, the legal and financial strife that nearly devastated WWE and the innovations of WrestleMania and Monday Night Raw.

Best of all, you could win one of five copies signed by Mr. McMahon! Hurry, the giveaway ends today. Enter the “WWE 50” Signed Book Sweepstakes at WWEShop to win now!

Click here for more info on WWE Network

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