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January 03, 2014

Alexander Rusev

Alexander Rusev

It would serve the WWE Universe well to learn the name Alexander Rusev now. They’ll be hearing it for a long, long time.

No one was quite sure what to make of the Bulgarian brute when he stomped to the NXT ring for the first time in August 2013. The crowd hushed as Rusev went through his unique pre-match ritual, stunned as the beast snapped a board over his tree trunk legs.

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Sure, Rusev’s sumo-style ring gear makes him look like a “Street Fighter” villain, but stepping in the ring with this monster is no game. With training in sumo and Muay Thai, the monstrous Bulgarian has learned how to make the most of his 6-foot, 300-pound frame. He throws knee strikes with deadly precision and tosses his unlucky opponents around the ring with ease. Most surprisingly, Rusev is unbelievably agile. He has no qualms about launching himself across the ring, crushing the poor sap he’s facing underneath his massive frame.

However, the thing that should worry every WWE Superstar about Alexander Rusev is this — he’s not afraid of anyone. His very first singles match on WWE NXT was against former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. He came incredibly close to winning it. More recently, the Bulgarian brute brazenly challenged and defeated former Intercontinental and United States Champion Kofi Kingston. Forcing The Wildcat to tap out to his devastating Accolade, Rusev proved he is no ordinary rookie.

Alexander Rusev has stated that he wants to leave an unmatched legacy behind, with streets named after him and monuments built in his honor. When he achieves that, there will be a trail of broken bones and crushed dreams behind him.

WWE Superstars, beware, because Alexander Rusev is coming and there’s no stopping him. — BOBBY MELOK

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