WWE.com Editors' Debate: Who's the next WWE NXT breakout star?

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January 03, 2014

Aiden English

Aiden English

I dare you to watch “The Artiste” Aiden English and not be entertained.

For wrestling’s drama king, the squared circle isn’t just a combat zone, it’s a theatre in the round, and it may only be a matter of time before NXT fans’ calls of “bravo” reach critical mass. The multifaceted mauler — a classically trained actor — is the quintessential sports entertainer and, thus, NXT’s next big thing. In addition to being a well-rounded athlete capable of lacing together cravats and armbars, the thespian-turned-threat has no qualms about launching into a show tune before, after or even during, a match. Think of a raw-boned, yet golden-voiced Karl Gotch, with every bit of the mean streak and a greater proclivity for borrowing from Gilbert & Sullivan’s songbook.

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Obviously, it’s easy (and for his opponents, detrimental) to get the wrong idea about the dapper English, who wears a scarf and beret to the ring. While his appearance suggests sensitive type, his antics in the ring are pure aggro. Take, for example, his signature move, The Director’s Cut. English starts out by locking his foe in a hold resembling the Cobra Clutch before leaping high in the air and swinging his victim into a pulverizing side slam. He’s already cut down several NXT prospects with the maneuver, and more unfortunate souls are likely to feel its wrath.

Although Aiden English is in WWE’s Developmental System, don’t mistake him for an understudy. Whether he’ll ever make it on Broadway remains to be seen, but he undoubtedly has the wrestling ability to take NXT’s best to the limit. “The Artiste” is ready to take center stage, and I’m not talking WCW Saturday Night. All you have to do is watch him once and you’ll be clamoring for an encore. — JOHN CLAPP

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