The Devil and Dean Ambrose: How The Lunatic Fringe became WWE's most dangerous man

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July 10, 2014

All of which is to say, it’s absolutely nuts that Seth Rollins picked this guy as his enemy. But that’s exactly what Rollins did by shattering The Shield — Ambrose’s first, last and only stint in a team, which he refers to as a “magical” time in his career — and now that The Aerialist has Ambrose nipping at his heels, for the first time, WWE fans are starting to get a glimpse at the madman who terrorized the independent scene all those years ago.

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Granted, Ambrose still maintains that “all that” is firmly in his past, but the experiences he picked up among the shattered glass and barbed wire have certainly served him well in any case.

“To me, nothing [today] can be that bad,” he said, shrugging off the prospect of a beating at the hands of Rollins or Kane. “I’ve suffered through the worst possible conditions. I have no fear of anybody or anything happening to me in WWE because nothing can be as bad as some of the injuries I went through and some of the grotesque things that have happened to my body … something like a TLC Match, or a Money in the Bank [Ladder] Match, or No DQ, that means nothing to me. I’m like, ‘Oh, OK. What could you possibly do to me if there are no rules?’ Threats mean nothing to me.”

For what it’s worth, he’s getting his share of threats, from both Rollins — currently the Money in the Bank contract holder — and The Authority, who have placed The Lunatic Fringe into several matches against his precursor in insanity, Randy Orton. Once again, he finds himself unable to see down the road thanks to the obstacles flying into his path. And once again, he doesn’t mind in the slightest.I still feel indestructible.

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“I’m at the point where I kind of feel a little bit backed into a corner and I’m completely comfortable in that position, because I will bite and scratch and claw and throw punches until I can’t anymore,” said Ambrose. “Whatever obstacles stand in my way of getting to where I need to go are of very little worry to me, you know?”

And while Ambrose still doesn’t necessarily have a plan, per se (“It’s hard for me to tell anybody what to expect because I don’t know what to expect”), he does have at least some semblance of a goal in mind.

“I would rather burn out than fade away,” he said. “Whatever road I go down, it’s not gonna be pretty because it’s gonna be the Dean Ambrose way, and that’s my life story. It’s not gonna be rainbows and Skittles, you know? … [But] I know that no matter what happens, everything is gonna be fine.”

And why, Dean Ambrose, is that?

“I still feel indestructible. More so than I did back then.”

In other words, they’re gonna need a bigger saw.

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