CM Punk gets illustrated by comic artist for new T-shirt

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April 15, 2013

CM Punk is a self-proclaimed "wrestling god." Jill Thompson is a multiple Eisner-Award winning comic book artist and writer. Together, they've created one of the coolest WWE shirts ever, and have given the WWE Universe a glimpse at what The Best in the World might look like as a comic book character.

Known for her work on the seminal “Sandman” series from DC Comics and her creator-owned title, “Scary Godmother,” Thompson is also a full-fledged member of the WWE Universe, and can often be found tweeting during the latest episodes of Raw. Recently, Jill was approached by Punk to design a shirt for The Second City Saint to wear at WrestleMania where he faced off against The Undertaker. Jill’s no stranger to designing gear for Superstars, as she has previously worked with Daniel Bryan to help the submission specialist get his look just right. spoke with Thompson about the new shirt, the design process and what it was like to work with CM Punk.

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WWE.COM: What was it like seeing CM Punk wear your T-shirt out on The Grandest Stage of Them All?

JILL THOMPSON:That high-pitched wail you may have heard that made all the dogs bark? That would have been me, in Chicago, watching WrestleMania, totally excited that my illustration was on television.

WWE.COM: What was the genesis of the T-shirt?

THOMPSON: [Punk] approached me to do the shirt. I happened to be at Toy Fair, and I happened to be upstairs in the Mattel event room, and they were showing WWE action figures. It was really cool because I was in there, and then Punk texted me and just asked me if I wanted to do his new shirt design. So I sent him a picture of me on the event floor, which he laughed at, and I asked him what kind of idea he had, and he said, “I want it to be the coolest shirt ever.”

And that was about all the direction he gave me, but I did start peppering him with questions about what he was looking for. He wanted it to be different than any other shirt he’d had previously, which is always a good idea. I asked about types of themes, and I’d send him doodles and he’d tell me if he wanted something.

I work really well from someone’s character, so I was interested in seeing where he was going. He seemed to be getting more and more arrogant and I kind of wanted to play up, “he’s the best in the world,” and in that ring, he’s “god.” So I was looking to do something more religious in its design.

I wanted to keep it colorful and play off the “wrestling god” theme. It also ties in really well to Punk’s Second City Saint moniker.

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