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20 frightening WWE photos that will have you checking under the bed

There's plenty to be afraid of in WWE, like getting smacked with a steel chair or being sent crashing through a table. That's not even getting into the truly scary side of things, like creepy backwoods cults, a Deadman lurking in the darkness, his half-brother who seemingly controls fire and, oh yeah, the Boogeyman! 

Bray Wyatt had the WWE Universe shifting around uncomfortably in their seats with his children's choir's eerie rendition of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" on Raw. With that unsettling image stuck in our heads, we went into WWE's photo archives to find some more truly frightening images. You might want to have a night-light handy if you're going to sleep after checking these out. They'll have you convinced something is going bump in the night.

What is dead may never die

A group of WWE's most nefarious villains joined Mankind and Paul Bearer in burying The Undertaker alive in October 1996. Little did they know that The Deadman would not rest in peace, but rise from the grave with a vengeance.

Gangrel quenches his thirst

This is what the vampire warrior Gangrel looked like before his matches. If he had his way, his gothic shirt wouldn't be so white after a victory.

Trial by fire

MVP learned that Kane isn't like other Superstars when he took on The Big Red Monster in an Inferno Match at Armageddon 2006. Kane withstood the blistering heat and forced the cocky Superstar into the flames, making the action a little hotter than MVP hoped it would be.

Papa Shango checks in with a friend

Before he unleashed voodoo spells on his opponents, the eerie shaman Papa Shango sought counsel from a smoking skull he hung on the ring post.

Creepiest. Choir. Ever

The Children of the Corn have nothing on the choir that Bray Wyatt used to serenade John Cena with an eerie rendition of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." The Cenation leader was visibly upset when the children surrounded him and donned The Wyatt Family's unsettling sheep mask.

The Deadman's demonic druids

The Undertaker doesn't need to stare down his opponents to get inside their head. All it takes is the appearance of his druids to make sure The Deadman has the advantage before the bell even rings.

Kane sends Undertaker up in flames

WWE's most demonic sibling rivalry came to a fiery apex at Royal Rumble 1998, when Kane locked The Undertaker in a casket, hacked it up with an axe, doused it in gasoline and set it on fire.

Snack time for Boogeyman

WWE's resident nightcrawler, The Boogeyman, loved to chow down on a handful of live earthworms before, during and after his matches. 

Hell rises from the cell

After sending Edge crashing through the ring during their Hell in a Cell Match at SummerSlam 2008, The Undertaker showed the true scope of his otherworldly powers when he made hellfire rise from the chasm opened up in the canvas.

What's scarier than one vampire?

Two vampires! Especially when they gazed at each other with hunger in their eyes, like Kevin Thorn and Ariel did upon their arrival in ECW.

The monster cannot be contained

Mr. McMahon and his Corporation tried to have Kane committed to an insane asylum in December in 1998. Little did Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock and a set of orderlies know that The Big Red Monster was just as dangerous while constricted in a straightjacket.

Nice day for a black wedding

Before she got hitched to Triple H, Stephanie McMahon almost became The Undertaker's bride in this demonic ceremony. Thankfully, she was rescued by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin before the vows were said.

The end

After falling victim to Jake "The Snake" Roberts' devastating DDT, the defeated got introduced to "The Snake's" scaly companion Damien, whether they liked it or not.

The Undertaker at home

Paul Bearer gives us an inside look at The Undertaker's ghoulish sleeping arrangements.

Want to see something really scary?

The leader of the cult-like Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt, has truly earned the moniker "The New Face of Fear."

The last thing you see

For those unlucky enough to take on The Phenom in a casket match, this is the last thing they see before the lid slams shut on their hopes of victory.

Up close with a vampire

Kevin Thorn wanted either to keep his face clean or get an extra taste of crimson.

The Big Red gravedigger

After burying his brother alive at Survivor Series 2003, Kane has a laugh while rolling around in the fresh dirt covering The Undertaker's grave.

Heeereee's The Game!

After Randy Orton attacked Stephanie McMahon, Triple H gave The Viper and his family a scare when he smashed through their front door with a sledgehammer. Think you could anwser the door again after coming face to face with The Cerebral Assassin?

The Deadman walks through hell

Before his 21st WrestleMania victory, The Undertaker walked through a valley of lost souls clawing at his jacket as he made his way to the ring at MetLife Stadium.

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