15 Superstars and Divas we would NEVER invite to Thanksgiving dinner

#15 The Missing Link

There are several reasons why The Missing Link would likely find himself “missing” an invitation to WWE.com’s Thanksgiving dinner. First of all, we prefer not to invite guests who need to have the concept of “Thanksgiving” explained to them. Combine that with the difficulty of contacting someone whose address is “Parts Unknown” and this feral Superstar’s odds of getting an invite are sinking rapidly.

Check out classic photos of The Missing Link in action

Sporting blue and green face paint, shaved portions of his head and face and a penchant for ramming his own noggin repeatedly into turnbuckles, The Missing Link’s uncontrollable spirit wouldn’t fit with our holiday atmosphere and the prehistoric punisher would surely feel out of place. Primitive and, let’s just say, “rough around the edges,” The Missing Link simply isn’t as highly evolved as some of our other potential dinner guests.