The 15 greatest tag team finishers of all time

No. 12: Heat Seeker (Harlem Heat)

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T takes every opportunity to tell the world that he’s a five-time WCW World Champion. But he also takes equal pride in being one-half of the 10-time WCW World Tag Team Championship pairing known as Harlem Heat. The brotherly alliance of Booker T & Stevie Ray won more tag team titles than anyone in WCW history, and accomplished that notable feat with a nice blend of brute force and street smarts.

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Few finishing moves paid off for a tag team in the way the “Heat Seeker” did for Harlem Heat. As Stevie Ray hoisted a prone opponent up on his shoulders, Booker T fired a missile dropkick that proved explosive when hitting its target. With a maneuver as precise and powerful as their patented Heat Seeker, Harlem Heat made “suckas” of many rivals in their climb to the top of WCW.