The 15 greatest tag team finishers of all time

If a competitor is about to get hit with a tag team finishing maneuver, his team’s about to lose.

That’s the signature attribute of a tandem finishing move—it’s the knockout blow. Every grappling duo strives to find a final burst of force that can put their opponents away for good. Whether the coup de grâce involves an aerial assault, a ground-and-pound attack, or something in between, the only thing that truly matters with a successful tandem attack is that the means bring about a victorious end.

What follows on these pages are the 15 greatest examples of tag team finishers anywhere, each perfected by talented pairings from up-and-coming teammates to certified WWE Hall of Famers. Every time The Shield doles out a triple powerbomb or Los Matadores cooperatively strike down a weary adversary, they carry on the legacy of these inspiring tag team finishers—and may one day find their own favored finales on later iterations of this list.