15 Greatest Revolutions in WWE history

CM Punk's first pipe bomb

Some revolutions transcend the medium from which they stem.

Such was the case when CM Punk sat down cross-legged and with fire in his eyes in Las Vegas, Nev., on June 27, 2011, during the final moments of Monday Night Raw.

What would soon become known across the WWE Universe as Punk’s first “pipe bomb” was an explosion of words and ideas that were both radically charged and shocking to hear. The anger and frustration Punk felt at the way things were going in his WWE career to that point was crystal clear as he told the WWE Universe what was on his mind.

Speaking plainly, Punk’s words came across not as hyped-up or overly emotional, but as factual statements issuing forth from a skilled performer who truly believed his assertion that he was "The Best in the World." As such, The Voice of the Voiceless felt that he deserved better than what he’d gotten, and he was going to let everyone know it.

On the brink of leaving WWE at the end of his contract, Punk was primed to face then-WWE Champion John Cena at WWE Money in the Bank with the title on the line. "I’m leaving with the WWE Championship," Punk promised on Raw, adding even more intrigue to an already revolutionary rant.

The aftershocks of Punk’s verbal blast were so powerful that they shook the WWE Universe to its very foundation and reverberated so far and loud that lapsed WWE Universe members had no choice but to come back home.

Now, nearly one year later, The Voice of the Voiceless has backed up his words, enjoying a memorable and lengthy reign as WWE Champion.