15 Biggest hometown victories

#13 Goldberg defeats WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hollywood Hogan in Atlanta — WCW Nitro, July 7, 1998

As WCW United States Champion, Goldberg was running through much of the WCW roster. It seemed like no one could stop this runaway train, and the ex-football star would soon be challenging for more prestigious titles.

As he worked his way closer and closer to a match with WCW World Heavyweight Champion and nWo leader Hollywood Hogan, he was promised a title match on Nitro. However, Hogan elected instead to make Goldberg earn his opportunity in a match with his nWo stablemate Scott Hall.

With the hometown crowd supporting him, Goldberg battled two legendary Superstars that night. After dispatching of the always dangerous Hall, Goldberg was able to defeat Hogan later in the evening to become a World Champion for the first time.