15 Biggest hometown victories

#15 Kaitlyn defeats Divas Champion Eve in Houston — Raw, Jan. 14, 2013

Everything is bigger in Texas, including Divas Title matches.

After months of dogged pursuit from No. 1 contender Kaitlyn, Divas Champion Eve was finally cornered on Jan. 14. Facing the uber-talented NXT season 3 winner not only on Raw’s hugely anticipated 20th anniversary, but also in The Hybrid Diva’s own hometown of Houston, Eve also had a tricky stipulation to contend with in the title match: SmackDown General Manager Booker T declared the title would change hands if Eve was counted out or disqualified, as she was in recent showdowns with the dangerous Kaitlyn.

With nowhere to hide from her powerful, athletic and motivated challenger, the champion found herself in a physical, personal grudge match. Whenever Eve got any offense going, Kaitlyn impressively matched her shot for shot, displaying just how far she has come since her time on NXT.

After tossing Kaitlyn over the barrier ringside, Eve called for the count-out from the referee, not noticing her opportunistic opponent sneak back into the ring. One devastating spear and three-count later, Eve’s 100-plus day title reign was shockingly ended and Houston’s own Diva was celebrating the incredible, emotional win.

After the huge hometown victory, the lovely Lone Star State native’s big night was made even better when during a post-match WWE Active interview, Eve had a meltdown and quit WWE. (WATCH) It’s like they say: Don’t mess with Texas.