10 things you didn’t know about the WWE Performance Center

#3 The Divas train under a female coach for the first time in developmental history

From NXT Women’s Champion Paige to Emma to Bayley, there is a record number of NXT Divas training at the WWE Performance Center. Now, for the first time ever, they have their own female coach in Sara Amato.

“Sara is considered one of the best female wrestlers in the industry,” DeMott said.

Although she never competed in WWE, Amato earned her reputation on the independent circuit, where she was often the sole female presence amongst gruff competitors like Antonio Cesaro and Seth Rollins. She is one of the few females in the world who can boast the same indie credibility as Superstars like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, with stints in organizations like Ring of Honor and Chikara, just to name a few.

So, yeah, the future of the Divas division is in good hands.