10 things you didn’t know about the WWE Performance Center

#9 There’s a custom-built aerial ring for NXT’s highfliers to safely practice

The aerial ring, which was installed in the WWE Performance Center in the fall, gives rookies the opportunity to attempt high-risk maneuvers without fear of injury.

“It’s built with a crash pad about a foot in thickness that helps absorb impact as talent are learning to do more high-flying action,” said the complex’s General Manager, David Bailey, noting its similarities to the pads that can be found on an action movie set.

One of WWE’s resident daredevils, Kofi Kingston, tried out the aerial ring for the first time during WWE.com’s visit to the WWE Performance Center.

“I can’t lie: This is a highflier’s dream right here,” an exhilarated Kingston said after testing it out. “I did a Boom Drop off the top rope and I’m still here. I’m walking. If I did that in a regular ring, my tailbone probably would have shot up right through my head, and I definitely wouldn’t be doing this interview. This is just incredible!”

Sorry, WWE Universe, you won’t get a peek underneath the apron of the crash pad ring — its construction is top-secret!