10 Superstars to watch in 2014

Big E Langston

Sometimes, raw power trumps technical ring skill. No matter how many moves you have in your arsenal, it’s simply not going to matter when 290 pounds is coming at you full-force. In November, Big E Langston used his massive might to capture the Intercontinental Title in commanding fashion from third-generation Superstar Curtis Axel. During the final pay-per-view of 2013, Langston successfully defended his title against the formidable Damien Sandow.

Perhaps no one is riding a bigger wave of momentum into the new year than Big E. Matching his might seems almost implausible. As he continues to gain experience, to even have a chance at dethroning him, it’s going to take a special Superstar who brings the total package of size, strength and technical ability. When looking at the list of challengers who fit the bill, all signs point to Big E being the longest reigning champion on the roster well into 2014. — MITCH PASSERO