How do I obtain more information in upcoming WWE Live Events?

For the most up-to-date information, please go to our Live Events Calendar. You will be given information on where to purchase tickets, on-sale dates, card information, etc. For additional information, please e-mail us.


Where do I buy tickets for WWE Events? How do I buy tickets?
To get information on where to buy tickets for WWE events, please go to our Tickets section. Click on the event you would like to attend to view ticket purchase locations, telephone numbers, ticket prices, on-sale dates, card information, etc.


Does WWE accept ideas for storylines?
WWE does not accept ideas for storylines, matches or merchandise. Please be aware that any e-mails we receive will not be reviewed and will be deleted without being read.


How do I discuss WWE programming with my children?
We encourage you to visit WWE Parents for more information on our television ratings and program content.


How do I order WWE Pay-Per-View events?
Depending on your provider, the easiest way to order is typically with your remote control. Check with your local cable operator or satellite provider for specific information on how to order and the cost of each event.


What is the cost of WWE Pay-Per-View events?
The suggested retail price for all WWE Pay-Per-View events is $44.95 other than WrestleMania, which is priced at $59.95. However, some cable and satellite providers may apply additional fees for call-in orders or to watch the event in HD. Check with your local provider first before you order.


Are Pay-Per-View event purchases refundable if I order it and then have problems with the reception?
Purchases are non-refundable but check with your local cable or satellite provider if you experience difficulties with receiving the event.


How far in advance can I order the WWE Pay-Per-View events?
Depending on who your cable or satellite provider is, the ordering window for a WWE Pay-Per-View event will vary. Check with your local cable or satellite provider to see how far in advance you can order a WWE event.


What if I don't have Pay-Per-View capabilities in my home?
Select bars and restaurants throughout the U.S. know as "WWE Blast Areas" offer WWE Pay-Per-View events.  You can watch all WWE Pay-Per-View events at a WWE Blast Area near you.


What is WWE Presents and how can I find out more information?
Our WWE Presents web site has complete information on WWE Presents current & upcoming releases. FAQsOnline Pay-Per-View Events

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