15 strange (but true) WWE facts

A puncher’s chance at championship gold

Nothing lasts forever, especially championship reigns in WWE. Even the most talented competitors lose eventually, costing them a title they worked so hard to attain in the first place. Few champions go down without a fight, but, then again, few of them also experienced what William Regal did during Raw on April 8, 2002.

Looking to stack the odds in his favor before defending the European Title against Spike Dudley, Regal hid a set of brass knuckles in the padding of one of the ring posts. The plan backfired in a big way as Regal, mired in a heated exchange with the referee, never saw Dudley enter the ring or retrieve the knucks. The 5-foot-9 challenger promptly laid out Regal with one brass-enhanced punch.

With Dudley pinning the European Champion at the bout’s outset, the referee promptly started the pinfall count in tandem with the opening bell. Less than three seconds later, the diminutive grappler grabbed the spotlight and a place in the WWE history books by becoming the fastest challenger to seize championship gold from a reigning titleholder in a WWE match. (WATCH)