WWE Livewire: The most uncensored show in WWE history

“Bruce from Connecticut” confronts Mr. McMahon

The format of WWE Livewire meant that pretty much anything could happen. When Mr. McMahon appeared on the show, that was absolutely true. One of the show’s phone screeners patched through a phone call from “Bruce from Connecticut” to pose a question to the WWE Chairman.

It became quite clear that it wasn’t a native of The Constitution State when the caller launched into a tirade, accusing Mr. McMahon of stealing ideas and talents from Extreme Championship Wrestling. Everyone realized rather easily that Paul Heyman was trying to hijack the broadcast to promote the renegade ECW.

Paul Heyman dishes on the birth of "Extreme"

The mad scientist of extreme shouted over the hosts like only he could, but was eventually cut off after he got a little too vulgar for Saturday morning TV. Heyman made a mark, though, as ECW would be invited to have a few matches on Raw just a few months later.