WWE Livewire: The most uncensored show in WWE history

Mr. McMahon talks candidly about WCW and Ted Turner

When WWE Livewire hit the airwaves in September 1996, Mr. McMahon was still a mild-mannered commentator, calling all the wild action in the ring for the WWE Universe. His position as WWE Chairman was still the worst kept secret in the industry, unacknowledged on television.

That made it all the more surprising when Mr. McMahon appeared on Livewire in October 1996. On an edition of Livewire hosted by Michael Hayes, Jim Cornette,Sunny, and WWE Magazine editor Vic Venom (a young Vince Russo), The Chairman faced a ton of hard-hitting questions about behind-the-scenes happenings. One question, though, pressed Mr. McMahon to address matters that had previously gone unspoken on WWE TV — “What are your feelings on Ted Turner?”

The WWE Chairman explained what led to the end of the business relationship between him and Turner after the infamous Black Saturday. He further went on to talk about the business dealings between both media moguls that led to the souring of their relationship.

However, Ted Turner wasn’t the only rival promoter that Mr. McMahon would address on the show that day.

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