5 competitors who beat Goldberg

Booker T

At the start of the July 24, 2000 episode of Monday Nitro, Goldberg challenged WCW Champion Booker T to a match. Frankly, everything that took place before their battle was kind of confusing.  After all, this was WCW in 2000.

Watch Booker T defeats Goldberg

The entire affair involved Goldberg stealing a title opportunity from Sting, Ernest “The Cat” Miller looking to take down Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett wanting the WCW Title back and Goldberg tossing Booker T’s brother, Stevie Ray, through a window. The main event of the evening was the second time that night the two squared off. The first encounter ended abruptly after Stevie Ray threw in the towel when his brother was locked in a submission.

However, Booker didn’t quit, so he kept the title. In their second match, both Jarrett and The Cat attacked Goldberg, ultimately allowing Booker T to execute his patented Book End for the victory.