5 competitors who beat Goldberg

#4 Bret Hart

One of Goldberg’s most intense rivalries during his WCW tenure was with Bret “Hit Man” Hart. In 1999, the pair squared off numerous times and even formed an uneasy alliance, capturing the WCW Tag Team Championship. However, when they battled in singles competition, Hart was victorious on three occasions.

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In their first battle for the U.S. Title on Oct. 25, 1999, the WWE Hall of Famer was successful, thanks to an assist from Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sid Vicious. At Starrcade 1999, Hart defeated Goldberg to retain the WCW World Title with help from Roddy Piper, who called for the bell while Goldberg was locked in The Sharpshooter. Though Hart vacated the title, a rematch the next night on Nitro once again saw Hart victorious because of interference from Nash, Hall and Jeff Jarrett, who then announced the reformation of the nWo.