5 competitors who beat Goldberg

#5 Kevin Nash

Goldberg’s unprecedented undefeated streak stood firm at 173-0 as he entered Starrcade 1998 with the WCW Championship. He had defeated nearly everyone in the locker room, and WCW’s biggest event of the year pitted him against nWo Wolfpac leader Kevin Nash. Big Sexy earned the opportunity by winning the 3-ring, 60-man battle royal known as World War 3.

Watch Nash break Goldberg's undefeated streak

Certainly, the odds were in Goldberg’s favor. The Wolfpac weren’t like the nWo Hollywood and thus, wouldn’t interfere. However, WCW fans were utterly shocked when Nash’s former tag team partner – and nemesis at the time – Scott Hall, dressed as a security guard, used a taser to knock the champion out. As a result, Nash was able to powerbomb Goldberg and become the Superstar that ended Goldberg’s streak.