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September 05, 2012

"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer

"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer

Few Superstars have commanded the fear of both opponents and fans like “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer.

“Whether you were sitting in the first row or in the back of the arena, you felt his presence,” Matt Striker said of the “Mad Dog,” who wasn’t the tallest of competitors, standing a hair under 6 feet tall.

Lack of height aside, Sawyer was one of the most fearsome competitors to step in the squared circle, which Striker was quick to note. (WATCH)

“If you ran into Buzz Sawyer anywhere, you would know that you ran into a pro wrestler,” he opined.

Sawyer is perhaps best remembered for his seemingly unending rivalry with “Wildfire” Tommy Rich. The two engaged in brutal brawls throughout Georgia for nearly two years. Sawyer did his best to incapacitate Rich, but the fiery Tennessean refused to back down. (WATCH SAWYER VS. TOMMY RICH)

Eventually, officials decided that enough was enough and that there had to be an end to this vicious rivalry. Both competitors agreed to be locked inside a roofed cage and wage war until only one man was left standing inside Atlanta’s Omni Coliseum.

In a crimson-covered contest dubbed “The Last Battle of Atlanta,” Rich emerged victorious. Unfortunately for fans today, little evidence remains of the war, only a few pictures. Rumors suggest that footage exists, in the possession of a mysterious tape trader, but nothing has surfaced.

Still, the battle has influenced a generation of Superstars.

“That one match is responsible for the WWE Attitude Era, 1,000 episodes of Raw, Hell in a Cell and for Superstars you’ve come to know and love like Mick Foley, Edge and The Undertaker,” Striker exclaimed.

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