The job squad: 10 wrestlers who competed in work clothes

Irwin R. Schyster

Everyone dreads getting audited during tax season. WWE Superstars never dreamed they’d have to face that prospect in the squared circle. Their worst nightmares came true when Irwin R. Schyster (a.k.a. IRS) entered the ring in 1991.

IRS' Alumni Profile 

Opting to do battle in a neatly pressed shirt and dress slacks held up by bright red suspenders, IRS hoped to rid the WWE Universe of “tax cheats.” Unfortunately, anyone and everyone fell under that category.

The evil taxman tried to repossess a sacred headdress presented to Tatanka, claiming that the proud Native American failed to pay a gift tax on it. Most fittingly, though, Schyster engaged in a rivalry with The Undertaker. It was truly a battle to see which was more certain: death or taxes. IRS managed to claim The Deadman’s urn, but The Phenom eventually added Schyster to his collection of souls.