The wildest Divas matches of all time

Jacqueline vs. Lita in a Hardcore Match: Raw (Oct. 9, 2000)

There weren’t any modeling credits on Lita’s resume when she busted into WWE in 1999. No stint slinging chicken wings at Hooters. No bit parts in B-movies. The reckless daredevil from Sanford, N.C., was a wrestler, plain and simple, and she sought to prove that every time she stepped in the ring.

Jacqueline was much the same. The only female tough enough to graduate Skandor Akbar’s Texas wrestling school, the former Women’s Champion had fought her way from Japan to Memphis, Tenn., before arriving in WWE in 1998.

When the two competitors squared off in a rare Divas Hardcore Match over Lita’s Women’s Title on Raw on Oct. 9, 2000, they aimed to show that they could thrive in the dangerous environment as well as male counterparts like Hardcore Holly and Al Snow had. Smashing each other with a shopping cart filled with garbage cans, broomsticks and even a blow dryer, the Divas proved they had guts. But it was Lita who prevailed after clocking Jacqueline with a baking sheet. (WATCH)