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November 27, 2013

Victoria & Steven Richards

After a day of grueling physical drills in the ring, her classmates didn’t expect her to come back for more. That made it shocking when she walked through the door the next day.

“I said I couldn’t turn my head to the right, but now I have 27 days to learn how to wrestle,” Varon said. “I think I earned their respect by coming back and taking it a little bit more seriously.”

Varon’s dedication earned her a job with WWE in 2000. She immediately became part of the jovial Godfather’s entourage. However, her time on the main roster quickly came to an end when The Godfather became The Goodfather and joined Right to Censor. After that, she entered WWE’s former developmental system, Ohio Valley Wrestling, which was overflowing with talent who would soon take over WWE’s main roster.

“John Cena, Batista, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Jazz, Rob Conway, The Bashams, it was an elite class,” she said.

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Varon credited OVW’s staff with teaching her a great deal about the business and truly getting her ready for WWE.

“They made you study the history of wrestling so we weren’t going up clueless,” she said. “We had assignments to watch VHS tapes and tell them what we learned. It was serious.”

By summer 2002, Varon was ready for prime time. She made her return to the main roster as Victoria, an unstable former friend of Trish Stratus’ from their fitness modeling days. While the fitness aspects of the character may have been true, the craziness wasn’t quite how Varon saw herself.

“I think my intensity was mistaken for being psycho in the ring,” she explained, crediting the intensity to Fit Finlay, who worked with the Divas. “He molded us into tough competitors.”

The hard-hitting Diva quickly established herself as vicious in the ring. Her rivalry with Stratus culminated in a brutal Hardcore Match at Survivor Series 2002, the effects of which Victoria felt for a while after the final bell rang.

“I broke my nose and chipped my tooth,” she said with a bit of pride. 

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Varon got to explore Victoria’s crazy side a little more later in 2002 when she was paired with the equally unstable Stevie Richards.

“Oh my gosh, we had total chemistry,” she said of Richards. “I remember one time, I got so into it that I licked his face and bit his ear. People were like, ‘Whoa, what was that?’ I didn’t know. Once my music hits, Lisa doesn’t exist, I’m Victoria.”

As a two-time Women’s Champion, Victoria anchored the division from 2002 until her departure from WWE in 2009. Whether it was shaving Molly Holly’s head at WrestleMania XX or scheming with Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle as a trio briefly called “Vince’s Devils,” Varon cemented herself as one of WWE’s premier competitors. She credited Finlay with teaching her how to be so tough.

“Fit taught us that the tough survive,” she said. “Even though there were bikini models [among the Divas], we still proved that we could kick some butt and take a beating.”

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