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January 22, 2014


The big man soon moved to Louisville, Ky., to train at Ohio Valley Wrestling with Bill DeMott and Lance Storm. Having been through a Division I college football program, Snitsky had a little bit of an idea what to expect from the wrestling boot camp, though he was quick to admit WWE’s developmental program was unlike anything he’d ever done.

“It was hard, very physically demanding,” Snitsky said. “I get asked a lot if pro football or pro wrestling is harder. I say wrestling, no doubt.”

Several months into his time in OVW, the 300-pounder got an unexpected call that would change his career.

“I was training at OVW when Howard Finkel called me and said they were going to fly me into Seattle [for Raw],” Snitsky recalled. “I had no idea what they expected from me.”

That night, Snitsky faced Kane, fulfilling the promise he’d made to his buddies at the University of Missouri and embarking on a unique journey as a WWE Superstar. Snitsky found himself involved in the unusual romance between The Big Red Monster and Lita, inadvertently causing the daredevil Diva to lose her child.

Originally, that was supposed to be the end of Snitsky’s first stint on WWE’s main roster. One match on Raw, no more, no less. The big man headed back to OVW to continue training for the next opportunity. Just one week after his battle with Kane, Snitsky got the call once again, though he came close to missing it.

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“We’re training and Tommy Dreamer gets a phone call,” Snitsky recalled. “He said, ‘Hey, Snitsky, you gotta go!’”

Snitsky soon realized how urgent the call was as he rushed through the local airport, running to the gate just in time to make it to Dallas, but miss a connecting flight. Luckily, WWE officials provided him with a backup ride.

“[WWE officials] had the corporate jet fly down to Dallas,” Snitsky recalled. “I got off the plane, got to the arena, got changed and went right on live TV. It was the craziest day of my wrestling career.”

That night, Snitsky went on live television to be interviewed by Jim Ross about his actions the prior week. His declaration was simple: “It’s not my fault!”

Four simple words instantly made Snitsky memorable in the eyes of the WWE Universe. To this day, he still hears his infamous catchphrase.

“I can’t go around my town, on Facebook or Twitter without someone saying, ‘It’s not my fault!’” Snitsky told WWE.com. 

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