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December 26, 2012

Scotty was back in action in late 2003, joining the SmackDown roster. He re-entered the tag team ranks with one of his closest allies in WWE, Rikishi. Although they were dancing partners, the two never competed much together, outside of six-man tags. Teaming with the Samoan was invaluable for the master of The Worm.

“When it was the two of us, I learned a lot,” Scotty said. “I learned about timing and psychology and what makes matches work and not work. [Rikishi’s] timing was awesome.”

After a spell as WWE Tag Team Champions (WATCH), the pals went their separate ways and Scotty began competing in the Cruiserweight Division before his release in 2007.

Since then, Scotty has been travelling the globe, meeting his fans and competing on independent shows around the world, though he’s scaled back his schedule to get ready for his next step in life. This February, he will begin training to become a firefighter and EMT in his home state of Florida.

Garland became interested in the job after speaking with people in the line of work. One positive was the schedule, which he described as 24 hours on, 48 hours off. That wasn’t the only plus, though.

“Not only is the schedule appealing, but you’re doing something good,” he told WWE Classics.

When he’s not wrestling or training to become a firefighter, Scotty enjoys spending time with his children, Keagan and Taylor. The former World Tag Team Champion is also a Disney fanatic, and has been to many of their theme parks around the world. (CURRENT PHOTOS)

“I have a fascination with the whole thing,” he said. “To me, it’s fascinating that Disneyland opened in 1955 and nobody still comes close to them. It’s a lot like WWE, they’re the best at what they do at their form of entertainment and nobody comes close to touching them.”

Though he hadn’t been in a WWE ring in a while, Scotty 2 Hotty showed the WWE Universe that there wasn’t much in the way of ring rust when he made a surprise appearance at WWE NXT over the summer, the company’s developmental organization in Florida.

Scotty was a mystery opponent for Heath Slater, who spent most of the summer calling out any WWE Legend who would take him on (WATCH). Garland was impressed with what he saw at NXT.

“I was blown away, not only with the talent, but the production,” he explained. “It’s like a miniature Raw.”

Though he was excited to be back in a WWE ring, Scotty admitted he was a little worried before he entered the arena.

“In the back of your mind, you’re like, ’What if they don’t remember me?’” he said. “But then my music hit and it was cool.”

The One Man Band was introduced to The Worm, letting the WWE Universe know that Scotty 2 Hotty could still hang with current competitors. Though he remains focused on becoming a firefighter, the cameo on WWE NXT reinvigorated his passion for sports-entertainment. He’s since stopped in at NXT’s training facility, imparting his 20-plus years of in-ring knowledge on to the next generation.

Above all else, Scotty has one piece of advice that he wants to pass on to the Superstars of today and the future.

“When you’re on the road 250-300 days a year, going 100 miles an hour, it’s hard to appreciate everything,” he said. “I always hope the guys now stop and appreciate it and realize what they’re a part of.”


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