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December 26, 2012

With two job offers on the table in the same week, Garland went with WWE and never looked back. Still, he struggled to find his place in the beginning of his tenure as a WWE Superstar, making it to the semifinals of the Light Heavyweight Title Tournament before an attack by Kane forced him to forfeit the match. (WATCH)

Garland was on the sidelines for several months until he was called to take part in WrestleMania XIV as Brian Christopher’s partner in a Tag Team Battle Royal. A chance meeting with WWE’s Chairman at Boston’s FleetCenter led to the formation of one of WWE’s most popular tag team.

“We were both getting coffee and I thanked him for having me on the show,” Scotty explained. “I told him Brian wrestles as “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher and said that when I was on the independents, I was Scott “Too Hot” Taylor. I just threw that at him.”

“Sure enough, the next week, we were together, ‘Too Sexy’ and ‘Too Hot,’ the team Too Much.”

He and Christopher, sporting bright neon tights and strutting down the aisle, competed in WWE’s explosive tag team division, but didn’t find much success until 1999, when they ditched the neon and embraced hip-hop culture. Too Cool was born.

An injury just after their May 1999 re-christening (WATCH) forced Christopher, now known as Grandmaster Sexay, out of action for five months, leaving the newly-dubbed Scotty 2 Hotty to play around with his persona on WWE Live Events. He dug into his childhood, where breakdancing was one of his hobbies, to put together one of the most popular moves in sports-entertainment history.

“In the middle of matches, I’d stop and do The Worm, just the dance move itself,” he said. “I could feel the buzz and the reaction, I knew I had something, but I just had to figure out what to do with it.”

He’d get that chance once his partner was healed up and they returned to WWE television.

“One night, I was hopping to get into place and Jerry Lawler said ‘It’s The W-O-R-M!’,” Scotty said. “ I heard the playback and told him that if he could do it a few times, it’ll catch on.”

It did. Fans chanted each letter as Scotty hopped around the ring before slithering across the ring to deliver a big chop to his opponents. The Worm became Scotty 2 Hotty’s trademark.

Another part of Too Cool’s appeal came shortly after their return, when Rikishi joined the dance party. The big man saved the two from a beating. As a sign of thanks, they put a pair of bright yellow glasses on his face, turning the stoic Samoan into a dancing machine. The WWE Universe loved it. (WATCH)

“It was instant magic,” Scotty recalled. “Once we got in front of the crowd and danced for the first time, we knew we had something.”

The three Superstars skyrocketed in popularity. When all three were in the 2000 Royal Rumble by themselves, they put a stop to the battle and brought Madison Square Garden to its feet with their moves. The sold-out World’s Most Famous Arena clapped in unison as Too Cool and Rikishi got down. (WATCH)

Later that year, Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty reached the peak of sports-entertainment, defeating Edge & Christian for the World Tag Team Titles (WATCH). To this day, it remains one of Scotty’s crowning achievements.

“It was really cool, especially at that time,” he said “It wasn’t like there were two tag teams. You had 10 teams that could have had them, it was an honor.”

Garland also broke out on his own for a time, capturing the Light Heavyweight Title from Dean Malenko (WATCH). The two went on to have an acclaimed match at Backlash 2000 (WATCH). Even though he lost the title back to The Man of 1,000 Holds, Scotty considered that match to be one of his best.

After a successful 2000, 2001 was a big change in direction for Garland. Neck injuries forced him out of action and into the operation room. He went to the same surgeon as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for neck fusion surgery, which he knew would result in at least a year away from the ring.

“I always say it was good and bad,” Scotty said of his injury. “I had just had my daughter and the year before, I had been on the road a lot, hardly home. It was nice [to be home with his family], but it’s the wrestling business, if you’re not there, somebody else is going to take your spot.”

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