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February 26, 2014

Scott Norton tackles Booker T

Many memories have gotten lost in the mind of Scott Norton, the monstrous Minnesotan who dominated New Japan Pro Wrestling before returning to America to bulldoze the competition in WCW. However, many of those extraordinary moments — from his stint as a bodyguard for Prince to his dominant career in Japan —are resurfacing as the man known as “Flash” gets ready to publish a book chronicling his crazy career.

For Norton, wrestling never seemed like a career path. Still, as a kid in the Midwest, watching squared-circle action was almost a habit every weekend.

“It was AWA wrestling, the pre-game show and then football,” Norton told WWE.com. “Everybody watched it.”

Norton hadn’t given any thought to stepping into the ring himself. He took to other sports, though his big size may have prevented him from reaching his full potential.

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“I grew up playing football, baseball and a little basketball, but hockey was probably my favorite sport,” he said. “But when you have size 16’s when you’re 12 years old, you’re screwed.”

The youngster did find a unique way to turn his strength into a profession. Norton entered the world of competitive arm wrestling and quickly found success.

“The first time I arm wrestled, I won a pretty good-sized tournament, which was covered by theMinneapolis Star Tribune,” Norton explained. “I was on the cover of the sports section.It was unbelievable.”

Earning the nickname “Flash” for the speedy manner in which he won, Norton quickly moved up the ranks, capturing a regional title in the Midwest and earning a place in the world championships in Las Vegas, where he quickly got a reality check.

“I had no idea what to expect,” he said. “I wasn’t even 25 matches into my career and I’m in Vegas pulling Virgil Arciero, one of the absolute best of all time. He showed me that I needed a lot of work.“

Norton learned from the experience and went on to have a successful career in the world of arm wrestling, capturing many titles and earning a role in Sylvester Stallone’s cinematic ode to the sport, “Over the Top.”

While arm wrestling, Norton also pursued a career as a bodyguard , working for Prince during the eccentric musician’s “Purple Rain” tour. Yet Norton’s prowess in arm wrestling earned him the attention of scouts in the professional wrestling world. It also didn’t hurt that some of his childhood friends were tearing it up in the squared circle.

Road Warrior Hawk and I grew up together, me and Rick Rude went to junior high school together, Curt Hennig was a very good friend of mine, plus John Nord and Wayne Bloom,” Norton said. “But Hawk was such an unbelievable friend. He made sure everybody knew about his buddy Scott.”

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