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April 17, 2013

“The Dog-Faced Gremlin” remained with WCW up until the bitter end in 2001, when the company was bought by WWE. Before the company closed, he captured the Television and United States Titles. After WCW’s sale, Steiner waited out the remainder of his contract with Time Warner, before heading to Japan, where he competed for a few years. While in the Far East, Rick began to tire of the constant grind and spending time away from his three sons at home in Georgia.

“One day, I just said, ‘What the heck am I doing? I need to go home and take care of my boys,’ ” he said. “After that tour was over, I never went back.”

Although he eventually tired of it, Rick told WWEClassics.com that getting to see the world was one of his favorite parts of his legendary career.

“Being able to see what’s out there, what’s not, different cultures, different people,” he said. “Sometimes I wish I’d have sat back and took a little more time to experience things, but when you’re on the road, you take the fastest way possible.”

After settling down at home in Georgia, Steiner got back into another industry he had started on the side during his in-ring career, real estate. He and The Big Boss Man had done some business together in the mid-1990s, but Rick had to reactivate his license before getting back into the field.

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Today, he runs Rick Steiner and Associates, a real estate firm that deals in both commercial and residential property.

“Anything that has dirt or blocks and mortar, we can buy or sell it,” he said.

The business also gives him plenty of time for his family.

“It gives me a lot of flexibility to be part of my boys growing up,” Steiner said.

In addition to his real estate business, Rick also took on a position that might seem surprising when put in contrast to his gruff in-ring persona.  The man once known as “The Dog-Faced Gremlin” now sits on the Cherokee County Board of Education.

The opportunity came about when Steiner was talking with a few friends who were teachers. One was a retiring board member leaving his post, who recommended Steiner to take his seat for the rest of the term.

“The last thing I thought I’d be doing in my life was being on the school board,” Steiner said.

The transition from performer to board member was a little rough for Rick.

“For 20 years, I played a character,” he explained. “This was one of the first times I actually had to be myself. There’s no retakes or trying again. It was the real deal. I’m responsible for a school system that has 40,000 kids. The decisions I make involve a lot of kids and their futures.”

Rick has served on the board since 2005, and was appointed as chair for a year. Out of all the accomplishments he has achieved both inside the ring and out, Steiner’s work on the Board of Education is what he’s most proud of.

“It lets me be involved in the educational process,” he said. “It gives me a chance to give back to my community and to try to leave Cherokee County a better place.”

For more information on Rick Steiner's real estate company, please visit www.callricksteiner.com.

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