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April 17, 2013

Although he was more than capable as a singles wrestler, Rick Steiner found himself as part of a team once again in 1989. This time, the partner was a little less likely to push him around.

“They brought Scott in from Memphis [Tenn.],” Rick said. “I tried to get him in earlier, but it didn’t work out.”

Rick and Scott Steiner teamed up almost immediately after the younger brother’s arrival in the Carolinas and dominated the tag team scene. They quickly captured the NWA Tag Team Titles, wowing crowds throughout the South with a quick, hard-hitting style that let everyone from the cheap seats to the ring apron know that they meant business. For Rick, having someone similar in mindset to him was a big help in the team’s success.

“We drove up and down the road thinking of new stuff to do,” Rick said of he and his brother’s relationship. “We were always thinking about it. We took a lot of pride in what we did.”

The pride The Steiner Brothers took in their work showed, as they steamrolled over opponents, suplexing them from pillar to post while making it look easy. The two Michigan grads barely broke a sweat, while their opposition lay in shambles.

The Steiners were the centerpiece of WCW’s tag team division for three years, before they decided to make the jump to WWE in 1993.

“We thought it would be a great experience for us both, so we made the switch,” Rick said.

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Rick and Scott quickly noticed differences between the Atlanta-based promotion and WWE.

“The first thing I noticed was the structure,” Rick told WWEClassics.com. “They were in control and knew what they wanted. In WCW, you had to come up with your own stuff. WWE had their vision, told you what was going on and you geared everything toward that.”

The brothers adapted just fine, defeating “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster for the World Tag Team Titles within six months of their WWE debut. They won the championships again later that summer. By 1994, however, The Steiners were ready for another change of scenery.

After a brief stop in ECW, Rick and Scott made their way back to WCW at the perfect time, just before Hulk Hogan and The New World Order hit it big, making WCW the number one promotion in wrestling.

Soon after their return to WCW, though, officials had an unusual idea: splitting the successful team up.

“They brought us in and said we’d done everything as a tag team,” Rick said. “We think it might be a good time for you guys [to split up],” the officials told the brothers.

“I started out doing singles, I knew my brother could do it, we both could.”

While Scott quickly joined up with The nWo, Rick found a rather unusual rival: Chucky, the crazed doll from the “Child’s Play” movies. The possessed toy interrupted an interview with Steiner to plug his latest film and show his support for Scott in the rivalry between the two brothers. While many fans saw this as a low moment in WCW’s history, Steiner didn’t take the segment too seriously.

“I was always open to doing different things,” Rick said. “Like a lot of things [at WCW], it started with good intentions, but Chucky never showed up again. It never had an ending.”

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