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July 31, 2013

It wouldn’t be too long before he had to evolve again. A neck injury sidelined Canterbury indefinitely, leaving Knight to find his way in WWE on his own. Becoming the first member of The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness, he was reborn as Mideon in an eerie ceremony that left the WWE Universe ill at ease.

Watch Knight's transformation into Mideon

“There was a Clive Barker movie, ‘Nightbreed,’” Knight said. “The name of the town where all the monsters lived was called Mideon. I always thought it was the coolest name. It started with that and evolved into everything else.”

Mideon was one of The Deadman’s closest confidantes during his huge rivalries with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon. A close friend of Undertaker’s outside the ring, Knight was honored to compete alongside  the legendary Superstar.

“In all of pro wrestling, one of the most iconic things has got to be Undertaker’s entrance,” Knight said. “One of the best things for me was going out at Madison Square Garden with Undertaker and Paul Bearer against Mankind and Ken Shamrock.”

By 2000, The Ministry split. Knight was still competing as Mideon, making the WWE Universe uneasy with the eyeball he carried around in a jar. Later that year, however, Knight’s sense of humor landed him a new, unexpected persona.

“Naked Mideon,” Knight said with a hearty laugh.

“I remember we were in Connecticut,” he explained. “[WWE officials Jack Lanza and Tony Garea] were in the hallway calling for someone, they needed them to do a meet and greet. Everybody was gone and I had just gotten out of the shower.”

“I always liked to have fun, so I strapped my fanny pack around my waist and went out into the hallway naked,” Knight continued. “I said, ‘Where did you say the meet and greet was?’ Everybody laughed.”

Knight couldn’t have expected the meeting he’d have the next day.

“Mr. McMahon called me into his office and said they wanted me to run down to the ring in a fanny pack,” Knight told WWEClassics.com.

After a test run before a television taping, Knight streaked to the ring donning a fanny pack and a smile, giving birth to one of WWE’s most infamous personas. Though some might have found the idea behind Naked Mideon embarrassing, the affable Knight relished in the opportunity.

Watch Mideon shock Tazz

“The best part about that was, I was getting paid the same amount of money as I was wrestling every night,” he said. “But instead of getting my head kicked in, I was running out in a fanny pack for three minutes. It turned out to be the best thing for my body.”

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