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March 20, 2013

He started out as a referee, after compiling a report on all of WWE’s men in stripes for president Gorilla Monsoon. That grew into other roles, at the behest of WWE bigwigs. Aside from his turn as WWE Women’s Champion, which he won in a match he jokingly described as “the worst in the history of Monday Night Raw,” Bruno has been the go-to man backstage for nearly two decades.

“Whenever a guy needs a new outfit picked up, I’m the one that gets it,” Lauer explained. “If you see a trash can utilized in a match, nine times out of 10, I’m the one that went and got it. Any little details that need to get done, I take care of it.”

As WWE’s “concierge,” Lauer takes care of anything that may come up during the hectic production of multiple television shows and pay-per-view events. More often than not, he finds a way to get them done. The frenetic pace of the job is something he thrives on (CURRENT PHOTOS).

“You never know what’s going to happen, that’s part of the excitement of my job,” Lauer said. “I like the challenge. I like when we’re in Phoenix in the middle of August and they want a snowsuit. I always manage to get it, I can’t say how. I might’ve just jinxed myself here and get a request that I can’t do, but I’ve always done my best to be the one that gets the impossible done. I’m proud and humbled about it.”

Because of his position, Bruno finds himself enjoying great relationships with the Superstars of today, who show a great deal of respect toward him and the veterans of the sport.

When he’s not on the road with WWE, Lauer heads back to northwest Mississippi, which he still calls home. He enjoys cutting his grass and keeping his property in order.

“I enjoy maintaining the things that Jerry Lawler and WWE have given me the opportunity to have in my life,” he said.

Lauer also penned his memoir, “Wrestling With the Truth,” detailing his journey from the territories to the global entity that is WWE. (BUY BRUNO'S BOOK)

“I showed it to Mr. McMahon, he read it and said it was one of the best wrestling books he’d ever read,” Bruno told WWEClassics.com. “He gave me his blessing to get it published outside of WWE.”

From a carnival in Mississippi to The Grandest Stage of Them All, Bruno Lauer has accomplished more in 34 years in sports-entertainment than most do in a lifetime. It’s a unique career that he’s very grateful to have.

“I’d like to tell the WWE Universe thank you for helping us make a living,” he said. 

You can purchase Bruno Lauer's autobiography, "Wrestling With the Truth" , at CrowbarPress.com.

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