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July 29, 2009

When people said Diamond Dallas Page couldn't do it, he did it. When people said he was too old, he proved them wrong. Everyone faces adversity throughout their lives, but few people have the mentality to overcome it like that of DDP.

Even now, after leaving the squared circle, Page is still proving that he can succeed in every element of his life as a founder of DDPYoga, an inspirational speaker and an actor.

After originally attempting to enter the squared circle in 1978, Page's dreams of becoming an in-ring warrior were quickly thwarted by a knee injury.

"I hurt my knee after three matches [ in '78]," said Page. "I knew nothing. I knew less than nothing. And then I started running nightclubs, and that became my life."

It would be another 10 years - 1988 -  when Page entered the ring again, this time as a manager.

"That's when Diamond Dallas Page was just a figment of my imagination," recalled the three-time WCW Champion. "I was in the AWA and they brought me in to be a manager. Then in Florida Championship Wrestling, Dusty [Rhodes] brought me in to be a manager and color commentator. Mind you, I did not know a wristlock from a wristwatch, but he put me with the great Gordon Solie, and I learned so much."

Perhaps foreshadowing a great career ahead, the WWE Hall of Famer got Page his first interview with WWE for a color commentator position. Acknowledging him as his mentor, Page says that without the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, there would be no DDP.

"I will never forget Lord Alfred Hayes pushing himself away from the table, looking at me and going, ‘Dallas, that was excellent. Where did you ever learn to do play-by-play like that?' And I told him, ‘I've been sitting next to Gordon Solie for the last two years; you're bound to learn something.'"

Unfortunately for the Point Pleasant, N.J., native, a position at the announce booth was not in the cards for him. Yet even though he was not hired, his journey was far from over.

"That's when Dusty Rhodes, who I had built a relationship with in at Florida Championship Wrestling, came back in," Page stated. "In WCW, Dream brought me in as a manager of The Freebirds. Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin, two of the best talkers of the '70's and '80s, Michael and I were friends, and he knew I could talk, so he said, ‘You talk for us.' What a compliment, right?"

Soon enough, Page would lead The Freebirds to tag team gold while establishing a stable that would include The Freebirds, Big Daddy Dink, The Diamond Dolls and The Diamond Studd, Scott Hall. But that wasn't enough for DDP, as his love for the business had made him set his aspirations much higher.

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