In WWE, when is a loss really a win?

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August 22, 2012

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Speaking of Roddy Piper, the outspoken Superstar also stands as a shining example of a competitor who benefited greatly from his loses. While Hot Rod has to be among the top entries in any number of lists — from “Best Talkers” to “Most Outrageous Villains” to “Standout Superstars of the Eighties” — one list you will not find him on is greatest World Champion of all time. That is because Piper never won a World Championship in WWE or WCW.

For years, Hulk Hogan couldn't pin Piper’s shoulders to the mat during the Rowdy One’s quest to end Hulkamania. However, the kilt-wearing grappler found himself on the losing end of his matches, both against The Hulkster and several other opponents, either by count-out or disqualification. 

Still, what the win-loss record does not show is that every time Piper walked to the dressing room early or got disqualified in the heat of the moment, it only served to build his reputation for anarchy. In other words, he didn’t need to win to be great because losing actually made WWE fans want to see him get beat more, which made his larger-than life personality.

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