What does it feel like to win the WWE Title? Five former WWE Champions share their stories

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April 26, 2013


WWECLASSICS.COM: You beat Eddie Guerrero to win the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash in June 2004. What do you remember about that night?

JBL: I remember the oceans started receding, the sky parted and there was a feeling of peace around the world. It was like the Cretaceous Period ending or something. The earth became vital again. I don’t want to overstate this, but it was probably one of the greatest dates in world history.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Did you always know that you would one day be WWE Champion?

JBL: There was no doubt that I’d be WWE Champion — everybody knew it. I mean it was really just a matter of destiny. When I was a kid, people said, “That’s the future WWE Champion.” Even in Sweetwater, Texas, where we didn’t get WWE, people knew I would be WWE Champion.

WWECLASSICS.COM: How did you celebrate your victory?

JBL: I went around and shook hands with all the people, because I had such a loyal fanbase of people who loved JBL. Then I took my wife out to a nice dinner and bought the tab for the restaurant. Then I actually bought the restaurant — still own it by the way.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Does any other achievement in sports-entertainment compare to winning the WWE Title?

JBL: No. I would say that’s bigger than Bob Beamon’s jump in the ’68 Olympics in Mexico City. That, to me, was bigger than Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s record. That was the biggest event in sports ever.

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