The inside scoop on WCW Magazine with former editor Kevin Eck

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August 21, 2013

WWECLASSICS.COM: How did you go from writing for the Baltimore Sun to leading WCW Magazine?

KEVIN ECK: In 1999, my fiancée – now my wife – wanted to go on a cruise, so I took her on the WCW Bruise Cruise. When you go on a cruise, you have assigned seating and we just happened to be sitting with some people who worked in the WCW front office. We got to talking and I mentioned I was a writer and editor for the Baltimore Sun. They explained that they were relaunching WCW Magazine and looking for writers. I figured I'd make some extra money on the side as a contributor and after a few months of nothing, they offered me the position of editor.

WWECLASSICS.COM: What was your opinion of WCW magazine before you were hired?

ECK: I always found it to be cheesy and it wasn't laid out well. It was very hard to follow and it was not reader-friendly at all, that was a major reason I didn't read it. I wasn't so much a regular reader of the WCW or WWE magazines; I was more interested in following the [noted wrestling journalist, Bill] Apter mags which were about sports-entertainment as a whole.

But to be honest, at the time I really did prefer WWE Magazine, especially when WWE introduced Raw Magazine. I was a huge fan because it was very open and less about rivalries and more about lifestyle.


WWECLASSICS.COM: You had some concern with the publication’s content at first and wanted to make a change. Were you basically given control of the magazine's direction?

ECK: In the beginning, there was a huge budget and my problem with it, content-wise, was that it had no clear direction. It was trying to be both WWE and Raw Magazine. There would be articles and features about what happened on Nitro or Thunder, but then you'd turn the page and someone would do an interview that had nothing to do with what was happening on the shows. I wanted to go one way or the other, so when the publisher left it up to me, I decided to go the way of Raw Magazine.