Former WCW Champions recall Halloween Havoc

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October 23, 2012

When you think October you think of the leaves changing color, children finding the perfect pumpkin among a sea of the orange crop and, of course, haunted houses and creepy costumes. But from 1989 to 2000, the 10th month of the calendar year was also coupled with one of WCW’s major pay-per-view events, Halloween Havoc. (PHOTOS)

Former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page remembers Halloween Havoc as second only to Starrcade.

“All the competitors knew the importance of Halloween Havoc,” DDP said. “It was the WCW equivalent to SummerSlam. We held the last five Havocs in Las Vegas and the fans were electric. There were celebrities visiting us backstage. It was the closest we got to the feeling of today’s SummerSlam without being at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.”

Full of high-caliber competition and memorable set designs, the Atlanta-based organization’s annual October event is still fondly remembered by the WWE Universe.

“The elaborate sets and the theme of Halloween Havoc as a whole is what I think really caught the attention of the fans,” Page explained. “Add in the explosive contests we had every year at the event and it was definitely the perfect precursor to Starrcade.”

From the very beginning, Halloween Havoc pitted WCW’s top competitors against one another in matches with a variety of stipulations. The first main event in 1989 featured Ric Flair & Sting battling The Great Muta & Terry Funk in a domed steel enclosure known as Thunderdome. That event also featured a memorable tag team contest between The Steiner Brothers and Doom (Ron Simmons & Butch Reed). (WATCH)

The competitiveness of the event was highlighted in 1991 when WCW TV Champion “Stunning” Steve Austin battled Dustin Rhodes in a brutal battle. The match set the tone of Halloween Havoc for years to come as both competitors battled to a time-limit draw. (WATCH)

In 1992 and 1993, the stipulations of Halloween Havoc’s main event were decided by “Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal,” a precursor to WWE’s Raw Roulette. No matter the match type, Halloween Havoc was a must-see event throughout the 1990s.

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