The "too sweet" history of The New World Order

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November 06, 2012

The "Too Sweet" history of the nWo

As The New World Order’s recruiting efforts went into overdrive, WCW competitors began joining the group, each filling a role. Ring warriors such as Buff Bagwell, the physically imposing Scott Norton, Brian Adams and Dusty Rhodes all wore the black and white. Another major shock occurred when one half of WCW’s top tag team, The Steiner Brothers, joined the nWo. In a battle with The Outsiders, Scott Steiner turned on his own brother, Rick, proving that the nWo’s influence was strong enough to tear families apart. The group would go on to add athletes like Dennis Rodman and also expand into New Japan Pro Wrestling.

WCW’s only hope was their face-painted franchise, Sting, who had adopted a darker persona and descended from the rafters whenever The nWo would threaten his comrades. Sting focused his attention on Hollywood Hogan, and the members of the black and white would prove their loyalty, protecting their leader while feeling the wrath of Sting’s baseball bat. While Sting ultimately defeated Hogan for the WCW Title at Starrcade 1997, controversy surrounding the referee’s count speed and the arrival of Bret “Hit Man” Hart led to the cowardly nWo leader having Sting stripped of the championship, once again proving that the influence of the group was strong. This was yet another critical turning point in the nWo’s rise to power.

Despite their poisonous intent, The nWo dominated WCW and launched the organization’s television ratings to new heights, but like any great empire, there was a struggle for power that would ultimately lead to its downfall. Hogan and Nash began to have conflicting opinions over how the group should operate, resulting in Big Sexy’s departure from The nWo. While Nash’s original tag team partner, Scott Hall, remained aligned with Hogan, Konnan and “Macho Man” joined Nash to form The nWo red and black, also known as The Wolfpack. However, the red and black would not reach its pinnacle until the addition form of WCW stalwarts Lex Luger and Sting.

With Goldberg concurrently taking WCW by storm and amassing the longest-running undefeated streak in history, WCW was on the verge of re-establishing their footing. This culminated with Goldberg unseating Hogan for the title. However, at Starrcade 1998, Scott Hall assisted Nash in ending Goldberg’s unblemished winning streak, reuniting The Outsiders. Shortly thereafter, Big Sexy would lay down for Hollywood Hogan after the infamous “Fingerpoke of Doom” in an effort to unify the rival factions of The New World Order.

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