The "too sweet" history of The New World Order

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November 06, 2012

The "Too Sweet" history of the nWo

Nash & Hall retreated to the outside of the ring as Hogan ripped off his T-shirt to the delight of the fans. It seemed clear that The Hulkster was going to ensure that WCW would finally be rid of The Outsiders. The last thing anyone ever expected was for Hogan to slyly make his way to a turnbuckle, look down at his longtime friend and rival, “Macho Man,” and hit his iconic leg drop, allowing Hall & Nash to secure the victory. As angry fans threw loads of trash into the ring, it was obvious that the red and yellow clad Hulkster was the third man. Not only had the individual who always preached taking vitamins and saying prayers turned his back on the fans and WCW, but he would help usher in a new era.

Together, Hogan and The Outsiders made one thing abundantly clear, they were “the New World Order of professional wrestling.” Wearing black and white, the three made their presence known to everyone in WCW by interrupting matches and attacking other competitors, soon expanding their ranks to dominate all of Ted Turner’s organization.

With the newly anointed “Hollywood” Hogan carrying the WCW World Title and The Outsiders carrying the WCW Tag Team Titles, WCW management was forced to let the men compete. Soon enough, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase joined the group as their financier. With DiBiase’s fortune, they began to have a great deal of influence over referees and other competitors. They went as far as hijacking the WCW broadcast signal to air special messages and their own program, nWo Saturday Night.

Even though WCW would have small victories, the power undoubtedly rested in the hands of Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash, the clear leaders of The New World Order. Many WCW competitors believed that the only way to rise to the top of WCW and to steer clear of The nWo was to join them, and the group expanded further, with “Macho Man” and Curt Hennig donning the iconic black and white t-shirt. One of The nWo’s greatest additions was future WWE Superstar Big Show, then known as The Giant. Perhaps the most severe blow to WCW would be served when Bischoff, the president of WCW, joined the group, the apparent corporate mastermind behind the entire operation.

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